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We Are Golden Rock

Making Golden Rock Studios a first choice for operators!

What We Are About

The Company

At Golden Rock we love what we do and our goal is to make sure this comes across in our products and service.


Creating our own tradition of always working hard for each other whilst making sure we have fun along the journey, we have assembled a team of experts who live and breathe the Golden Rock way of life.

The Games

We believe players don’t just want awesome entertainment, they also want to WIN BIG!!!


That’s why we put the customer at the heart of everything we create, always striving to provide world class entertainment along with jaw dropping win potential in games!

The Players

The mantra for Golden Rock Studios is to provide operators with top quality, high performance games which target the whole of their player base. Players will be at the forefront of our ideas when creating games and this is evident in our decision to continually take players to a happy place.

Meet the Team

Our Studio in Gibraltar

Our Head Office is based in the social hub of Gibraltar at Ocean Village.


Ironically situated above a Ferrari Showroom and a Fitness Gym which is where we get our inspiration to work hard and work fast.

Of course, there's a few cafe's and bars located within a stones throw as well, which enables us to kick back and relax after a long week.

We’d Love to Work With You

Interested in a career in gaming? We're always on the look out for passionate and hard working additions to our team.

spaceship_bonus copy.png

Founded in 2018 with the vision to bring unique and entertaining games to the market, Golden Rock has always stuck to its principles, despite having to pivot a few times during the initial start-up phase.

With an established catalogue of Slots and Tables games live on over 200+ operators, the foundations are firmly in place as Golden Rock begins to open up new markets and distribution channels. Recently Golden Rock joined the Yolo Group after securing investment from the leading iGaming investment firm, bringing along not only a wealth of gaming expertise from the portfolio management team, but also being part of the eco system in which the Yolo Group has built has already started to provide great partnerships.

With foundations firmly in place and a strong strategy with a global reach for our games, it is exciting times to be a part of Golden Rock!

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