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Big Bad Beasts

Big Bad Beasts is a simple 5×3 Slot with 5 lines, paying left to right, featuring a simple and easy to understand base game with a single free spins feature. The game theme is set in Sri Lanka and is based around 5 wild predators. To trigger the free spins feature, player must get a high paying symbol (Predators) line win with a Wild symbol. That win is paid out and recorded on screen, and a new symbol is added in free spins. Each time the special symbol appear(s) the trigger win is paid out unless the win is improved, in which case the new higher win is paid out. Each Wild in view will award 1 extra spin. In addition if the player gets a wild predator win with a wild in free spins, will award the player 5 more spins. If the win is greater than the original trigger, they will now get the larger win each time a special symbol lands.

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