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GRS best ICE yet! Want to find out why?

It’s time for us to cast our minds back a couple of weeks to where the Golden Rock team wrapped up a 3rd busy day at the ICE London 2022 iGaming show.

For some of the team it was their first visit to ICE which added to the excitement during the build-up. With the show now over and all the team have started to follow up on a lot of exciting new projects and connections, it was deemed as a very successful event for Golden Rock.

Post Brexit and the pandemic, it was clear this was never going to be the same kind of show in 2022 that it has traditionally been in the past. In any case the Golden Rock team felt the buzz for getting back to industry events and meeting up with many industry connections.

The event helped Golden Rock not only grow our brand awareness but also helped build excitement around the new breed of games we have been working tirelessly to produce during the past year.

The first of these stand-out games which we promoted at the show, is also arguably the most anticipated Golden Rock Studios game to date, called Bonus Only, Due for release on the Caleta Gaming platform at the end of April. Click HERE for more info.

Needless to say Golden Rock Studios as a whole had a very successful event, full of interesting networking and some amazing new opportunities to explore.

For a brief recap of some of the most stand out moments last week we will start with what is always one of our favourite meetings at any event – with the talented Leo Vegas Gaming Team, being one of the first partners to help us get off the ground with our first game Volatile Slot, it feels like a big journey to now be able to show off our latest and hugely anticipated next generation games to them.

Here below is a photo of Will enthusiastically showing off the industry first Bonus Only slot game.


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